Mobafy lets you stay in touch with your gaming   friends and helps you make new ones.

Mobafy is the social MOBA network that allows players to connect with eachother in games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, HON and more.

International community

Reach out and connect with fellow MOBA players anywhere from the other side of the world to your next door neighbours. Mobafy gives you the edge you need through community interaction to really up your game and stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Stay in touch with your friends

Send a match invitation to your guild or share your latest gaming progress and screenshots with your best gaming friends. With Mobafy you'll gain access to all of the social networking features you could possibly need as a MOBA player.

Why should you register?

  • Stream your gameplay directly from your Twitch integrated Mobafy profile
  • Social networking features developed exclusively for MOBA players
  • A platform adapted to both professional and rookie players from all ages.
  • All of the latest updates and news from each specific MOBA game in real-time.

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